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Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat Review

When I finally decided to start my adventure with yoga, it was time to dig in and look for the best yoga mats and other yoga essentials. As soon as I started my research one brand kept coming up all over the place and that was Gaiam Yoga Store.

Gaiam is perhaps the biggest name in yoga accessories, with possibly the widest and biggest distribution network – you can find Gaiam yoga products in Walmart, Target, even Amazon. Gaiam yoga products are known for their colorful, beautifully designed and most importantly inexpensive yoga mats as well as all other yoga essentials. Even Hollywood’s own Jessica Biel has partnered up with Gaiam on their clothing line for yoga & fitness outfits.

After spending hours online looking for the best yoga mat to start my adventure, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat ( 6mm ). Even though this mat was not expensive ( With Coupon I paid $24.98! ). I figured at this price point if I chose not to do yoga down the road, I could always grab this mat and bring it outside use it for picnics, camping trips, or any other scenario that called for a nice cushion / throw down blanket. Worst case scenario I was certain my dogs would certainly enjoy it and lay down on the plushy soft mat instead of the cold floor.

This is the yoga mat purchased from Gaiam – Premium 6mm thickness

Gaiam Yoga Mat Quality

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is made with PVC, which we know is not the eco-friendliest manufacturing material, however not harmful to humans or pets, and it is latex free for those with latex allergy. Once the Gaiam Mat arrived I set it up in my living room on the hardwood floor, and to my surprise it has very good traction even when my hands would become somewhat wet from hour long yoga sessions. I found this mat to be very comfortable and stable. When jumping from one position to another, the mat did not shift or move at all as some reviews suggested. I was worried about the stability since hard wood floors could be considered relatively slippery, but it was not an issue at all!

Portability of this mat was important to me because I knew I would be bringing it back and forth to the class and home. Gaiam Premium yoga mat I chose is considerably lighter than other mats I looked at only 3lbs you could say it is lightweight. It rolls up very nicely and fits perfectly in the trunk of my car. Some other yoga mats reviews really pointed out how heavy an oversized other mats can be. We all have enough daily struggles to deal with, so not struggling with the yoga mat is important!

From my long research before purchasing my first yoga mat, it is clear that taking care of your yoga mat is important especially if you want it to last a long time. The Gaiam Yoga Mat is very easy to take care of – it truly doesn’t absorb any sweat or water which prevents any odors from penetrating the material. The best part is you can put this yoga mat in a front loading washing machine if you really need to get a deep, powerful clean. After using this yoga mat for a few months, I noticed that a wipe down once a week will keep it nice and fresh, and I still have not had to throw it in my washer. If you have kids or pets it is important to get a yoga mat that’s easy to clean and take care of on regular basis in case of a mess!

I am so glad I decided to go with the Gaiam Premium Yoga mat as my first yoga equipment purchase! This is a wonderful entry level yoga mat at an amazing cost. Although this is not a high-end mat, I truly can’t find a single issue to complain about. If you are just starting out Yoga, or you need a back up mat, the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat is the perfect choice. You can purchase the Gaiam Yoga essentials from Target or Amazon, but I found that purchasing directly from the manufacturer could be a little cheaper, plus easier to deal with in case of an issue.  

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As with any product purchase – be sure to do your homework! I know that sometimes spending hours reading reviews and research isn’t an option, but do take your time especially when it comes to items you’ll use everyday. I’m glad I took the time to research Gaiam and their products. More expensive isn’t always better, and as a yoga beginner Gaiam has truly great prices with high quality items that are durable.

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