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Which Soda Stream Is Right For You?

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SodaStream Ultimate Review & Guide [ Updated February 2020 ]

Water is one of the most basic essentials we must consume every day. Our body is made up of around 60% water, so it makes sense that water intake is important to our overall health and well-being. With that said for many, water can be nothing more than a boring, flat necessity. To elevate water and make it a fun treat, there is a simple solution – home soda maker!

SodaStream USA, inc

SodaStream is a company that’s been around literally for ages. The company was originally founded in England in 1903. Some of the original home-made soda machines hit the US markets around 1950s without much success. After the company merged with Soda-Club in 1998, the two new merged companies relaunched concentrating more on healthy drink options. The company went public in the US in late 2010. After a successful run, soda stream was acquired by PepsiCo in mid-2018 for over $3 billion!

This simple device made by SodaStream forces CO2 gas ( carbon dioxide ) into plain water making it sparkling. In addition to the CO2 cylinder, SodaStream machines allow users to add concentrated syrups to flavor the fizzy water and create soda-like tasting beverages. Of course, SodaStream now sells many different models of their creation so let’s go over the most popular SodaStream Machines currently on the market!

Soda Stream Different Models

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Which SodaStream Model Fits Your Needs?
  • SodaStream Fizzi ( Classic ) – Cordless SodaStream machine that doesn’t require any external power. Makes wonderful bubbly water the only drawback of this model is that there is no light-up indicator so until you get some practice in, it is easy to over carbonate your drinks.
  • SodaStream Fizzi One-Touch ( Electric ) – This automated version of the SodaStream offers a wide range of bubbles that go into your drink. From lightly to super carbonated you get to choose your favorite amount of fizz in your seltzer. The light-up indicator makes it easy to control the amount of CO2 you want to inject into your water.
  • SodaStream Aqua Fizz ( Premium ) – SodaStream recently launched this maker and it is designed to bubble up glass carafes instead of the usual plastic bottles. If you wish to achieve that more luxurious feel and prefer glass over plastic this is the one for you!

Our Favorite SodaStream Add-In Flavors

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Now that you got the rundown on the SodaStream 2020 Lineup, let’s go over some of our favorite flavors you can choose to add to your bubbly seltzer! Please note most of the flavors we list here come in the Diet version in case you need to watch your sugar! And the best thing about these flavors is you control how much you add to your drink – you can make full flavored drinks or just a hint of flavor – completely up to you!

  1. Soda Press Old Fashioned Lemonade – Organic – Who doesn’t love an old classic beverage that comes with a twist which delivers a truly thirst-quenching symphony of citric notes with a dash of blackcurrant and cranberry extracts.
  2. Soda Stream Root Beer – Root Beer soda is another classic that everyone loves! The SodaStream classic allows you to enjoy Root Beer with much less sugar when compared to store bought soda and no high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame
  3. Soda Stream Apple Cranberry – SodaStream’s Apple Cranberry Goodness is bursting with fresh apple and cranberry juices delicately balanced for a refreshing treat.
  4. Soda Press Classic Indian Tonic – Now this is more of an addition to your home bar or if you just love tonic water. This clear organic tonic syrup delivers an ultra-dry, bittersweet flavor. It is made with high-grade quinine that is extracted from real Cinchona Bark found on Fever Trees.

Remember this is just a small sample of our favorite syrups you can add to your home-made soda. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from so there is one for everyone! Of course, you don’t need to add any flavors if you just want to enjoy the classic bubbly seltzer. There is nothing better for you than a tall cold glass of water – now more fun thanks to SodaStream!

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