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Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime – Everything You Need To Know

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Walmart is taking on Amazon with their newest membership service called Walmart Plus. This latest launch by Walmart will compete with Amazon Prime which has been around for a long time now. Let’s look at how the two services compare when it comes to monthly cost, number of products & services offered, as well as Free Trial offers.

During the Coronavirus health pandemic, online shopping for groceries and everyday essentials has become the new normal for many Americans. Amazon is of course dominating this market, but Walmart is right behind them producing impressive numbers.  Walmart is betting huge on the importance of delivery services by launching Walmart Plus – a monthly delivery services that offers their members fast, free, unlimited deliveries and additional perks.

Amazon Prime Vs. Walmart + Quick Comparison

Amazon PrimeWalmart Plus
Cost Per Year$119$98
Cost Per Month$12.99$12.95
Current Free Trial30 Days15 Days
Same-day deliveryOn Orders $35 & UpOn Orders $35 & Up
Products available for same-day deliveryOver 3 MillionJust Under 200,000
Grocery DeliveryYes | Amazon FreshYes
Streaming / Media PerksYesNo
Fuel DiscountsNoYes
Walmart Plus Vs. Amazon Prime Benefits
Walmart Takes on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been around for over 15 years now and bolsters an impressive 150 million subscribers. If you’re not already a member, there is a good chance you’ve heard of this subscription-based membership. For $12.99 per month you get access to Free Next Day Delivery on most items, and in some markets, free same day delivery!

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get grocery delivery from Whole Foods within 2 hours in select cities plus 5% cash back if you pay with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa credit card. To avoid the $4.99 delivery fee, you just need to spend $35 or more to qualify for free delivery. With today’s high costs on virtually all groceries, that’s an easy spend target to reach.

Prime members also qualify to save 5% on subscription-based purchases. You can schedule many items to be automatically shipped to you every month and you save 5% when you request those items on subscription bases versus a one-time purchase. With this method of shopping you’ll never forget to order the essentials – those will arrive at your door every single month plus you get to save money!  It’s a win-win shopping experience for Amazon and the customers.

Walmart+ Free Trial
Walmart Plus Unlimited Free Deliveries

Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus is a brand new subscription-based membership that was launched in September of 2020. Although it may seem like Walmart didn’t go crazy advertising this launch as much as they could’ve, many of the perks and benefits are still being worked on and implemented. It seems like Walmart is just testing out the waters to see how many subscribers will join. The cost is basically the same as Prime, $12.95 per month, however you get to save few more bucks if you sign up for the full year in advance. The full year price is only $98 compared to Prime’s $119.

The main perk of Walmart+ is a guarantee of same prices as in stores, and unlimited free deliveries on close to 200,000 items. Walmart claims their delivery times are just as fast as same day, although that claim is limited to certain markets only. As long as your order is $35 or more – just like Prime – you get your delivery for free and very quickly.

Another benefit of Walmart+ is the access to their Scan & Go feature if you decide to shop in-store. It is basically an app that allows you to scan your groceries as you stroll through the store and easily check out using Walmart Pay. This is extremely efficient way to shop and will certainly save you a painful wait in a checkout line. For those who shop at Sam’s Club, you might already be familiar with this cool feature.

Speaking of Sam’s Club Walmart Plus will save you up to 5 cents per gallon of gas at Sam’s Club Gas Stations sometime in the near future. For now, you can still save 5 cents but only at Walmart & Murphy stations which cover nearly 2000 locations. It seems that Walmart is working on additional benefits and perks that will involve Sam’s Club locations, but we will have to wait and see exactly what those will be. It is safe to say that Walmart Plus will take at least 12 months to reveal all its true benefits.

Walmart Plus is clearly targeting those who are looking to save money when purchasing groceries. They have a strong lead especially that prices on the groceries are usually much lower at Walmart compared to Whole Foods and other supermarkets Amazon Fresh decides to use.  This is a crucial aspect to keep in mind – especially in today’s uncertain times where many Americans are unemployed and looking to save on everyday essentials. Saving money on groceries might be more important than access to streaming and media ( Amazon Prime Video ) for many.

Which One Is Right For You? Walmart + or Amazon Prime

Even though it may seem like these two memberships based subscriptions are virtually the same, ultimately, they are very different. If you’re looking for affordable groceries and other household essentials, Walmart Plus is clearly the better choice. Your wallet and monthly budget will certainly thank you. Amazon Prime is better for those who are looking for fast delivery on millions of items plus streaming and music benefits. Walmart Plus is slightly cheaper if you take the yearly option and it saves you a trip to your local grocery store. Limiting your exposure to others right now is the best way to prevent catching COVID-19 and risking the health of your entire family. Hopefully this article gives you enough insight into the two services offered, so you can make a decision that will better benefit your current situation. As always don’t forget to check out the latest coupons and deals on our site so you can save even more on the items you already buy!

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime – And Now You Know!