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Should I Try Purple Mattress? Ultimate Purple Bed Guide April 2020

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By now everyone has heard of the bed in a box, Purple Mattress, the company that started it all in the revolution of how we buy new mattresses and beds. Purple Mattress is known to be one of the most popular and innovative (surly is original and creative!) online bedding companies currently on the market, following the success of their Original Purple Mattress. This mattress uses a patented material called Hyper Elastic Polymer, which is one of a kind and can/will work for back, stomach and side sleepers. Purple was one of the first companies to introduce a mattress that can be shipped in a small package right to your house. No more long trips to overpriced furniture and mattress stores! Plus, that purple coloring is most certainly captivating. Let’s dig into everything you must know about the Purple Mattress!

Packaging & Shipping Purple Mattress Details

In sync with most bed-in-a-box companies, you will see that the Purple Mattress will arrive at your doorstep for free, rolled up and compressed into a small but heavy package.  Purple mattress will not be in a box (which you later must dispose of somehow and somewhere!) but ships in a protective plastic covering. When you get the mattress to the bedroom it needs to be in, simply remove the protective plastic covering and unroll. It will need to naturally inflate for up to 72 hours before you can actually use the mattress. After production, the Purple Mattresses are placed in a massive air-vacuumed that compacts it and makes it possible to ship in a much smaller format. If it’s possible, after you unroll the mattress make sure it is left outside or in a well-ventilated room. There is a very powerful smell of plastic that will go away by the time the mattress has time to self-inflate.

Purple gives you three months ( 100 days to be more exact ) absolutely risk & cost free to test out the mattress starting from the day it arrives at your home. This is common practice for most mattresses in a box solution. During that time period if for any reason whatsoever you decide not to keep this mattress, feel free to contact customer service and arrangements will be made for it to be picked up from your home at no extra charge or additional costs.  You would then receive a receipt as proof your mattress was picked up.  From there just provide that receipt to Purple and you will be issued a full refund.  On the flip side, if you are happy and satisfied with your purchase, your mattress comes with a 10-year warranty – again another common practice in this industry.

Purple Mattress Real Cost

The cost of the Purple Mattress is right in the middle comparing with other online companies.  It is not considered the most budget friendly but at the same it is not considered to be expensive either. From bed sizes Twin to King you are going to spend between $600 and $1400. Remember LargeCoupons.com has a list of latest promotions and Purple Mattress Coupon Codes which will lower your final purchase price. Be sure to check back with us right before you make the decision to try out Purple Bed.

Size & DimensionsPrice (MSRP)
Twin ( 38″W x 75″L )$650
Twin XL ( 38”W x 80”L ) $750
Full ( 54”W x 76”L ) $999
Queen ( 60”W x 80”L )$1,150
King ( 72”W x 84”L )$1,450

How Your Weight Affects Purple Mattress Comfort?

The comfort and feel of any mattress largely depend on your body type and weight. For smaller individuals ( under 150lbs ), there is very little pressure put on the Purple Mattress as opposed to heavier people (over 250lbs) who place more direct pressure on the mattress. For the lesser, these individuals tend not to “sink in” and feel that the mattress is firmer, whereas the Heavy sleeps do sink in a bit and feel that the mattress is on the softer side. Although Purple’s grid design is supposed to uniformly distribute the pressure placed on the mattress, it seems that your weight is an important factor. Generally speaking, it is safe to say that average weight subjects report Medium Firmness of the Purple Mattress as compared to traditional spring mattress.

Is The Purple Mattress Right For Me?

The Original Purple Mattress is great for BACK & STOMACH SLEEPERS! Although your hips may sink just a bit as with any medium firmness mattress, the original Purple Mattress provides enough support where this sinking won’t affect your proper alignment that’s important to avoid aches and pains.

With the Purple Mattress there is great news for SIDE SLEEPERS as well! If you don’t like memory foam mattresses because of that sink-in feeling, Purple solved the issue while providing pressure relief! The design of Purple Bed does a wonderful work of caressing your body while gentle on the hips and shoulders.

Individually Pocketed Coil Mattress ( Yes Purple Makes This Type Too! ) would be the best choice for large or obese people. The Original Purple Mattress was designed for average person size and weight in mind. Even those considered regular size might find the Purple Grid somewhat obscure in how it feels. Most customers report that it is simply a matter of getting used this feeling. With 100 Night Trial, you will have plenty of time to try the Purple Mattress before making a final decision.

The list of benefits that this Purple Beauty provides is quite extensive. For under $1000 it is most certainly worth giving Purple Brand a shot! We know that purchasing a new mattress or bed can be a tiresome and stressful transaction. Hopefully this review gives you enough insight to purchase the Purple Mattress or at least give it a risk free trial for awhile.

Please be sure to checkout the latest Purple Products such as their Mattress Covers, Sheets, Pillows, and more! The Purple Brand is dedicated to making the most comfortable everyday products. This is their specialty and Purple is only getting better at it each day. The passion and engineered designed that goes into every Purple Bed, Mattress, and other new products is truly remarkable!