Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine

How To Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine?

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Kids Need New Activities Daily to Avoid “Cabin-Fever”

In order to most effectively be in full compliance with social distancing rules, many people find themselves stuck at home in a quarantine. This latest pandemic is changing the way we live, and we must adapt to our everyday realities. If you have children, you know that being stuck inside for more than a day can be challenging. Children have a lot more energy than adults and certainly a lot less ability to stay occupied for a long time.

In these difficult and challenging times, you must have some tricks that will make the quarantine easier for the entire family. Having your kids watch TV or be glued to their phones all day long, is not a healthy option.

Top 12 Ideas to Keep Your Children Busy During the Pandemic

So how to keep your kids busy and entertained during the corona virus pandemic? There is plenty of things to do that will help with keeping the entire family from contracting the “cabin fever” and going crazy! We are breaking down top 12 ideas for kids of all ages that will make the time go by that much quicker!

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts is a fun and time-consuming activity that’s easy to set up.
Simply hide say 15 objects around the entire home or even in the backyard and have a reward for finding them all! This can keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours!

2. Bake / Cook Anything You Want

Cooking and baking are great ways to bond with your children, teach them important life lessons, and get dinner ready all at once. Things can get a little messy but it’s worth it!

3. Virtual Field Trips

Many museums and even national parks offer free virtual tours / trips. Be sure to check out the San Diego Zoo, this Planetarium, and Discovery Virtual Field Trips . This is not only entertaining but also very educational way of passing the quarantine. Best part is, there is no permission slips to fill out!

4. Video Chat with Friends & Family Members

The technology allows us to stay in touch with family and friends even during social distancing rules. Use this time to keep in touch and to check up on family and friends. This will help your kids with the sense of security and normalcy. Human contact is essential especially during trying times.

5. Play Cards / Board Games

Cards and card games have withstood the test of time. Although some kids may get board quickly, teaching them new card games such as war, go fish, or rummy will get you at least few hours. Checkout some of these popular board games you can get from Amazon! The old time favorites such as Monopoly are still the most engaging and entertaining. 3RAF-T2Z7QM

6. Schedule Family Walks

Getting your daily exercise is very important and you can get your kids on a daily routine which will allow them to have something to look forward to each day. Remember even a short daily walk can be very beneficial for your health! If weather is a concern, plan Stretching and Pilates routines on the days when you can’t take your walks.

7. Car Wash

Now that the weather is getting nicer, when possible, spend some time outside. Have your kids wash the cars or even their bikes! All you need is a bucket filled with water and some dish soap. Find old t-shirts or rags and your kids will be busy for hours! Of course this activity requires supervision, you can always listen to an Audio Book while you watch over your children!

8. Yoga, Dance, and Meditation

It’s never too early or too late to get into dancing, yoga, or meditation! You can find many free dance lessons on YouTube. There is also a ton of meditation videos and podcasts. Bulldog Yoga offers Online Classes that you can try risk free for 30 days to see if it’s right for you. All these activities should be perfect for teenagers who might really enjoy them! Again, this is the perfect time to have your kids try out new things and pick up good, long-lasting habits.

9. Start Gardening

You can easily set up a small herb garden using plastic containers or even mason jars if outdoor garden space is not available.  You can order any seeds or plants you might need online, and, in most cases, those are very inexpensive. Once set up, any garden or plant will need regular attention which you can put on your kids’ schedule or choir list. Gardening can be a very therapeutic activity for you and the kids!

10. Get a Puppy / Train Your Dog

This is possibly the best time to get a puppy. With everyone stuck at home, the time necessary to train a puppy is there and your kids can help! If you already have a dog, your kids can train and teach the dog new tricks. This is certainly a time-consuming idea and it will be helpful in the long run. If you need any Pet Supplies / Accessories be sure to check out SnoozerPets for all of you pet needs! If you need Dog Treats, BullySticks has the best chews and your dog will love you even more!

11. Science Experiments

Bill Nye is the “official” science guru. You can watch him teach science, and even preform science experiments along with Bill! Check out his website to learn more. Your nerdy kid will be thrilled for sure.

12. Puzzles & Origami

When you solve puzzles as a family, it makes them much more entertaining. If puzzles aren’t your cup of tea, there is other memory training exercises your kids can enjoy. If art oriented activities are more interesting, be sure to look into & learn origami!

“Mandatory” Family Time Can Help You Grow Closer with Your Kids

These are our top 12 idea that will help to keep your kids busy during the corona virus quarantine. There is always an activity or excercise that your family has never tried and it’s worth looking into. All of our children need busy time to use up all that energy and build up their brain powers.

Hopefully this list of keep ’em busy ideas will help you to get through this mandatory family time. Things will get back to normal eventually and for now we all have to do our part in keeping our communities healthy and safe. Stay Home, Stay Safe!